Rehabilitation Counselling

Rehabilitation Counselling is a profession founded on human rights and the value of community inclusion for people who are living with disabilities and socioeconomic disadvantage.

We support people:

  • living with acute and chronic pain
  • with disability
  • with a health condition that impacts work/study
  • who have experienced an injury and/or trauma
  • in the Australian Defence Force or a Veteran
  • living with social disadvantage
Man with beard and brown hair sitting in a wheelchair and smiling in front of a whiteboard with charts and graphs.

Approaches to Rehabilitation Counselling

Rehabilitation Counsellors work within a counselling and case management framework. We are professionals who work across biological, psychological and social domains. This is known as the biopsychosocial framework. A Rehabilitation Counsellor can provide services that are often not in the repertoire of other allied health professions. We work collaboratively with you to identify your goals, explore what you value and, together, we develop a plan to help you achieve a meaningful life.

We use highly specialised knowledge and skills in:

  • motivational interviewing
  • vocational assessment
  • vocational counselling
  • vocational training
  • job placement
  • case management
  • injury prevention and management
  • service coordination
  • independent living planning

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In Person

All sessions are currently online. In person sessions will be available from June 2024, in my counselling office in Sydney Australia.

Online and Phone

It’s easy for us to connect wherever you are in the world.
Phone and video consultations are safe, private and convenient.